Cat interactive rolling ball toy
Cat Automatic Rolling Ball toy
Cat Automatic Rolling Ball toy
Cat Automatic Rolling Ball toy
Cat Automatic Rolling Ball toy
Cat Automatic Rolling Ball toy
Cat Automatic Rolling Ball toy

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Cat Toy/Automatic Rolling Ball

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Color :

Product Details

1 x Ball
1 x Type-C Cable
Colors : Pink , Cyan
Electric Cat Ball Toys Automatic Rolling Smart Cat Toys Interactive Cats Training Self-moving Kitten Toys Indoor Playing...

Easy Charging & Light Indicator !

cat ball toy

The battery life on the ball lasts all day and only takes 45 minutes to be fully charged through USB charging!
SMART SAVING BATTERY: When your cat is in the middle of playing and decides to take a nap break, the ball will sense that and will automatically power off. Once your cat wants to play again, the ball will automatically power up once your cat touches it! Time for your cat to have the perfect balance between play and rest!

automatic rolling cat ball toy cat interactive ball toy

Clients Reviews

Sadie @sadielynn

Awesome ball !! my cats love to chase it.

Karen @karenann

Full of energy. My cat loves it and keeps chasing it.

Sally M. @masonsal

My cat is the type that loves to stalk her toys, so playing with her can be pretty dull for me. nice product!

Nancy Jr. @jnancy

It keeps my kitten entertained. and she loves playing with it

Beverly C. @beverlylynn

Lots of fun !!
First of all, even my wild kitties are a little freaked out by the intense hop and roll mode. they love it. it's so cool how it will sit still for a few min and then randomly roll off. My cats find it perplexing. I love it

Stephen @rockhead1

This ball is super cool and my cats love it!! it did eventually get stuck under the bed against two things but it was easy to find from the light being on it. I do suggest the pink color so you can find it if it dies :) . but overall, awesome product

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